Rick Bianco(non-registered)
Nice work Rick ....
We seem to have very similar interests in Subject matter.....
I invite you to visit my Website (also on Zenfolio)@ ....
Dana C(non-registered)
I looked at your Photos and must say they are stunning. I love the pic of a piece of an old wooden hull floating in sea. Thank you.
Barb J(non-registered)
Thank you for sharing your web site with me....I will continue to check out your new photos that you post in the future. Your shots are very professional and capture the moment brilliantly. Very beautiful indeed; well balanced with color, light and subject matter. Some of the best I've ever seen...........more please :)
Mary Ann(non-registered)
Viewing your photo gallery on this quiet Sunday morning. Beautiful work.
I look forward to watching your gallery grow and expand in the coming year as you embark on a new chapter. I will visit your work often for inspiration. Thank you.
It's an extremely rare thing for me to comment on somebody's pics. Most of the pics, especially the Island series, are six stars ( out of five).
Rick, love all the great pics you took of Reeti and Mark. Glad she had such a great friend to do this for her. You really went the extra mile. Also had a great time hanging out with all you guys. Hope we can all get together again soon.
Thanks again Rick! For making my wedding album the most memorable, candid collection of
Photos and truly a reflection of my happiness that day!!
Rick, these are wonderful shots and you are an extremely talented photographer. As I look at each one, I'm drawn in deeper and deeper. You're so very lucky to be able to travel to these places which I sense you really enjoy. We're so very lucky you've captured these images for us to enjoy.
Kim ash(non-registered)
So great to see all your amazing pics again. Keep on keepin on!! :) Keep in touch my friend!
Wow. Beautiful shots! Your photos have a singular, dramatic way of drawing us (the onlookers) into your world and into the heart of each picture. Thank you! Keep taking those road trips!
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