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Rick Keller is an outdoors and hiking enthusiast and has a healthy and tremendous respect for nature, conservation, and the environment.

Even though Rick is trained as and remains employed as a physician, he hopes to gain more experience and opportunities in photography to explore aesthetics and creativity, refine his direction and skill, and expand his portfolio. For the past two years, he has been a contributor for the popular on-line photography publication, Photography Life, and has authored numerous articles on light, visualization, composition, and technique.


After having started with a digital format, Rick photographs predominantly with film using various formats (8x10", 4x5", 6x7 cm, 6x4.5 cm, and 35mm). He enjoys color and black and white film; slide and print film; panchromatic and orthochromatic emulsions; and daylight-balanced, tungsten-balanced, infrared, and x-ray film.


Currently, Rick is in the midst of his journey into the realm of large format photography using both vintage and modern tools: Cherrywood and monorail view cameras; an assortment of plasmat, tessar, dialyte, double gauss, Dagor, and process lenses; and a sheet film scanner.